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About Kate

Firstly I am a wife and a mother then I am a blogger!  Blogging for me is a release but more so a space I can share ideas, tips and things I love with others!  This blog will not be a "venting" space for my life issues (trust me I have plenty of them) nor will it be a negative place!  Don't get me wrong I am definitely a realist and my life has its doses of negative too but I don't want to share them or spend too much time on them I would rather just let them come then be GONE!

I have a LOVE of baby and children's fashion and accessories (just ask my husband) and throughout this blog I hope to bring you my latest finds, bargains and my must haves!  I also like sewing, the reason I don't love it is because I am not that great at it but I do give it a go and on my list of things to get better at is definitely SEWING!  I am also a keen supporter of breastfeeding (not a Nazi but supporter), baby wearing and all things lifestyle and family orientated!  I hope to also bring you places we find in our family travels, things to brighten your homes and I would also like to run some competitions here and there because lets face who doesn't LOVE to win something!!!
So sign up, sit back and enjoy this blog or as I like to see it a reference guide to babies, children, family and all things nice!
Kate x

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